Our School


Headteacher Polly Honeychurch

Everything we do at Cottage Grove is inspired by our passion to see all of our 467 pupils succeed. We recognise, that in order for all children to reach their full potential, our school must be a fun, safe and exciting learning environment. We are a school that is filled with opportunities to learn new things.

We pride ourselves on the relationships
we build with our pupils’ parents.

If you are a new parent to our school or just need some information about the school day,
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Information for Parents


  • We are thoughtful of those around us and learn and play in harmony.
  • We understand and accept that we are all different and we show tolerance to others.


  • We keep trying with our learning and our friendships, even when things get really hard.
  • We challenge ourselves and those around us to do better and achieve our dreams in the belief that everything is possible.


  • We respect other people’s views and are always polite.
  • We care for each other and our environment.


  • We have high aspirations, always do our best and help others do their best.
  • We like to celebrate our successes


  • We take responsibility for our own learning and behaviour.
  • We find our solutions to help us solve our problems.