I am proud to have been headteacher of Cottage Grove Primary School since January 2000 having previously worked in other schools in the heart of Portsmouth. When I first came to Cottage Grove I only expected to stay for a few years before moving on to another school. As you can see that didn’t happen and that is down to the fantastic community that our school serves. I love working in such a culturally diverse school where everybody is valued for who they are and everyone is welcome. I believe our children are the best children to work with and they never cease to amaze me with their brilliance.

As headteacher of the school, I am responsible for ensuring we have enough staff in the school to support your children.  I make sure that the money we are given is well spent to support your children’s needs. I work with the governors to ensure that our school is providing the best education it can for your children. I also make sure I spend time with the children as without them there would be no school.