Year 5 is an extremely exciting year for children at Cottage Grove as they move from the main school to our Belmont Street building. In this part of the school, children are given greater responsibilities and more independence, helping them to develop the skills they require to be successful learners in Upper Key Stage Two. As we share the building with Year 6 pupils and teachers, children are consistently exposed to positive role models, they have a range of adults on hand for support and are able to work collaboratively as an entire phase.

In Year 5 we understand what it means to be a good learner and try to show this behaviour every day. We support each other in our learning and work together to ensure that everyone feels safe, happy and supported in our classrooms. We take pride in our achievements and are happy for our classmates when they do well too!



Miss  George


Miss Binnie

Support staff

Mrs Mitchell

Mrs Bremer